How To Prepare Your Pool This Hurricane Season?

During hurricane season, there are a few things that every homeowner that has a pool should be aware of to protect and prepare their swimming pool. Before the hurricane comes, which can drop large quantities of water on your yard, pool and pool deck, there are a few checks that you need to do.

The first thing you need to do is test your deck to see how well it drains and you can do this by spraying water on the deck with a regular garden hose and see how quickly the water drains. Most swimming pool decks have drains that has a plastic slats, which will take the water to the yard from the slab. Your slats may have paint on them that could prevent proper draining, especially if you have an acrylic painted deck, you will need to open up these slots, and you can do so by using a small flat head screw driver. If you notice that the drains are dirty, you can simply use a hose to flush it out by inserting the hose on one end of the drain.

Now, once the drainage looks good, as the water is flowing freely away from deck, make sure there isn’t any dirt, mulch or grass that could prevent the water from exiting properly. If you happen to have a pool that doesn’t have a drainage system, then make sure there aren’t any stones, mulch, dirt or grass that is high enough where it could actually block the water from draining off the edge of the pool deck into our yard. You should also consider digging a small trench around the deck to help with the drainage.

Remember to also trim any trees that have branches that could turn into flying debris, as these could damage your screen enclosures, the pool equipment or your home.  Click here to learn more about impact resistant windows to protect your home and family during a hurricane.


Senior Citizens And Pool Safety Tips

The majority of people love the summer months, as the weather is nice and it is an awesome time to get some exercise done, as a lot of people would rather be outside getting some vitamin D from the sun, instead of being inside of their house. We all know the importance of exercising, whether we are young or old and as we age, we typically need to find low impact exercises that does not put too much pressure on our joints, this is why exercising in the pool can be the perfect form of a workout for seniors. In addition, pools are a great way to beat the heat, while being active outside, and exercise releases those feel good endorphins.

Now just like with kids, seniors also need to practice pool safety and they should never swim alone. Children should always have a parent with them and seniors should always have a caregiver, family member or friend when they want to go swimming. Some of us may remember this from camp, but with pool safety you should always have a buddy system.

Every pool should be equipped with pool rails that are securely attached adjacent to the pool steps to assist with getting out and into the pool; these should be at every entrance point for the pool. It’s not a bad idea to look into purchasing an ADA pool lifts for seniors that are going to use the pool on a regular basis.

The pool area should also be free of any items that could cause someone to fall or trip into the pool. Just like inside your home, you make sure that there are no electrical cords that are in the way and the carpet is tacked down properly to avoid falling and tripping.

If you are a senior with a pool or if you have a loved one that has a pool, but they haven’t used it because of safety issues, then it may be time to get a pool assessment.


Tips To Avoid Pool Accidents With Kids

We all know that child pool safety tips are important, but sometimes when we get around to the inviting water, the fun and the warm sun, we sometimes forget to practice them. If you are a homeowner that have kids and a pool, then you know that comes with a lot of responsibility as a parent and as a homeowner, you need to make some changes to your backyard and house so that it will be childproof. In this article, we would like to review some child pool safety tips and how to make those summer months more enjoyable and hassle-free.


This is at the top of the list for us, as we believe it is important that every child should know about water safety and learn to swim, whether or not there is a swimming pool at home. Look into swimming classes for your kids, there are free or low cost options available from local organizations like the YMCA.

Clear View

Your pool should be visible, whether it is from a designated family area, where you can have quick access to the pool in case of an emergency. If you are building a new home then this is something to bring up with the architect and if you have an older home, then you could install a camera.

Install A Fence

You should install a fence whether or not it is required by law; fences should be about 4 feet high and have a locking mechanism.


If you do your own pool maintenance make sure you are using the right balance and don’t forget to lock them away, so small children can’t get access to them.


Consider purchasing a floater, that can be thrown into the pool for any swimmer that may be struggling.


Don’t use filters that pull from the bottom, instead use one that pulls the water from the top, the reason is kids can get trapped in these filters.

Most people drain their pools during a hurricane, instead of draining it completely; you should reduce the level by 1-2 feet. You can use the pool to store your outdoor furniture and any pool equipment you may have. Since there is normally a lot of rain during a hurricane you should add extra chlorine to compensate for this and don’t forget to turn off the electricity to the pool pump. This pool safety tip was brought to you by our friends at The Window Pros.


If You Have Kids You Should Definately Consider A Pool Cover

If you are a homeowner and parent that does not have a pool safety cover for your pool or any other safety mechanism to prevent young kids from accessing the pool without adult supervision, then you may want to start looking into the different types of pool safety covers that are currently available on the market today. In today’s article we are going to focus just on pool covers, because they offer additional benefits such as keeping your pool clean by preventing unwanted debris from getting into the pool, as well as they are one of the best lifesaving tools when it comes to pool safety.

Like most people, when they decide it is time to buy a pool safety cover, they start to wonder what exactly should they be looking for when it comes to an effective pool cover. Here are a few important factors that you should consider that will help to make the shopping experience a lot less stressful.

The first thing you want to do is find a cover that will actually fit your pool, as these safety covers come in many different styles, shapes and sizes. If you have an oval or rectangular shaped pool, then you will have a larger selection of pool covers to choose from, but if you have a custom shaped pool it make be harder for you to find the exact fit, depending on the style. But it is important to note that even odd shape pools can be protected with safety covers.

The next thing you want to take a look at, is whether or not the cover you want to purchase is reliable, so you need to find out if it is highly recommended or rated. Before pool safety covers are rated they have to undergo several tests to determine the reliability, durability and strength. It is also not a bad idea to read a few reviews online by pool safety experts to see what their recommendations are.

Since we are currently in hurricane season, in addition to securing your pool, you should also consider protecting your family with impact windows, they are great for standing up to high velocity winds, flying debris and water intrusion. To learn more about the benefits of impact resistant windows visit this Impact Windows Fort Lauderdale Company website.


A Few Things You Should Know About Pool Safety And Kids

If you own a home with a pool, then you know that it can be one of the ways to make the time that you spend with your kids in the summer fun, whether you are relaxing with the kids or playing in the water. However, as a parent, you also know how dangerous a pool can be if it is not protected properly. When you decide to do a pool safety installation project, you basically have two options. Either you can do the safety installation yourself or you can consider hiring a professional installer.

If you have experience doing your own home improvement projects, then this type of project will be rather easy for you, however, if you are not, then it is probably better that you just hire a contractor to complete the project for you. Here are some benefits of hiring a pool safety installation company.

First, you will need to decide on what method or combination of methods you want to use to secure your pool such as installing the following:

  • A Fence that goes around the entire pool with a child proof locking mechanism
  • A pool cover that will be placed on top of the pool. Most pool covers can hold the weight of most kids and in some cases the top quality ones can even hold the weight of adults.

It is important that whichever method you choose to protect your pool, you want the device to be installed properly so that you get the protection you are expecting, which is keeping your children safe. This is why you should consider professional installation, as you will know that the project is being done right. As they have the experience and knowledge with all the different equipment’s and in some cases you can find companies that have technicians that are trained on pool safety. This will give you peace of mind that your pool safety device will be high quality and installed the right way for maximum security.

In addition, to making your pool and the outside of your home safe for children, you also need to take the necessary steps to make the inside of your home safe as well. This is why you will want to teach your kids about electrical safety and if you are attempting to do your own appliance repair, you need to take extra precaution when kids are around, not just with electrical appliances but also with gas appliances. For appliance repair safety tips that will keep your kids safe visit the Appliance Repair Fort Lauderdale Website.